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不自然2创作作品——域   Brave Atlas
Brave Atlas

In 1933, Ott C. Hilgenberg published his idea that in the distant past the Earth was smaller, without ocean basins, and that continents are closely linked together. Certainly, the world is much smaller, enough that the gaps are reduced to nothing more than a representation of 21st century.
Partly inspired by American inventor Buckminster Fuller’s map unfolding the globe, British artist Richard Long’s stone drawing between performance and sculpture, German conceptual artist Hans Haacke’s Wide White Flow combining white fabric and electric fans displaying the behavior of natural movement of air, and exposed mountain tip camouflaged as island situated in many of the reservoirs along the corridors of Pearl River Delta in southern China. The nature of these works are formed by mental construction of the world both unrestrained and malleable, where the sphere can be hammered back to the flattened landscape.
Collection of 80 nations displayed as densely packed islands, revealed one of the most powerful nations in the past and in the future, depended colonial colonies, both taking account its natural and unnatural resources that it created and accumulated by the 21st century.
Take the pleasure of looking at the islands inscribed on the ground, marked by the myriad of unimagined possible world, by looking at it you find your innocence.

1933年Ott C. Hilgenberg 的出版提到远古的地球面积相当现在是小一些,没有海洋盆地,所有地面紧贴在一起。我这次创作是受到里查德•巴克明斯行•福勒的地球展开的地图,英国艺术家理查德•朗关于雕塑和空气运动的图纸,德国艺术家汉斯•哈克结合白布和电子风扇去表现自然空气流动的作品等所影响,这些作品的本质是重组我们不受控制和有延展性的地球,这里是可以被我们理解为水平的世界。

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